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Small Ensemble Program

Small Ensemble Performance Opportunities

Do you play in a string quartet, woodwind or brass group, or other small ensemble and are looking for performance opportunities in the community?  

Playing in a small ensemble is a great opportunity to hone your ensemble performance skills and develop your overall musicianship. The MYS Small Ensemble Program provides opportunities for established small ensembles throughout the season, such as outreach concerts at nursing homes, performances at fundraising events (such as the MYS Book Fair), and the annual MYS Showcase Chamber Concert.

MYS also receives requests for student ensembles (strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, harp, and mixed) from outside parties for community or private gigs, paid or unpaid (such as weddings, business parties, church gigs, holiday events, etc).

If you are part of a small ensemble and would like to be considered to perform in MYS small ensemble performances, or be referred for outside gigs, please fill out our online registration form. Once your ensemble is approved and added to the MYS small ensemble list, you will be notified of performance opportunities throughout the year, and may be contacted if there is an outside gig request that matches your ensemble’s instrumentation and ability.

Ensembles will be considered based on the following criteria:

  1. Ensembles must submit a completed “MYS Ensemble Registration Form” (see back side).
  2. 25% of the ensemble personnel must be in an MYS orchestra or a past member of MYS. Ensembles may be any combination (2-8 members) of string, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments, including piano.
  3. Ensembles must be an established, polished group with a minimum of 30 minutes of performance material.
  4. There must be one contact person for the group who will handle the details of a performance in a timely and efficient fashion. In most cases MYS will give the group’s contact person the information and they will do the follow-up and negotiate any fees the group will be paid. 
  5. MYS has the expectation that ensembles representing MYS will present themselves in the most professional manner possible to include: be musically prepared, wear concert dress for gigs (unless otherwise noted), be on time for the gig, and be respectful of people and property.
  1. All new ensembles (not previously registered with MYS) must attend a brief orientation session, before or after your regular Saturday rehearsal. If MYS does not have prior knowledge of an ensemble’s abilities, your group may be asked to audition before being placed on the ensemble list. If an audition is requested, your ensemble should be prepared to perform a piece of your choice, 3-5 minutes in length. The date, time and location of the orientation and/or audition will be arranged individually for each ensemble.
  2. MYS will attempt to rotate performance opportunities among the ensembles. Any monies paid to the ensemble should be paid directly to individual ensemble members or to the group contact person.
  3. MYS charges no fees to the ensembles.
  4. MYS reserves the right to remove any ensemble from the list if they do not meet the above criteria.

If you have any questions about MYS small ensemble opportunities, please contact Krin McMillen, Operations Manager, at or 651-699-5811.