Summer Program

Discover the world of Baroque music presented in partnership with Flying Forms, a St. Paul-based professional chamber ensemble founded by Marc Levine (MYS alum) and his wife Tami Morse. Register here.
The 2014 MYS Summer program is open to ALL students, whether you are a current member of MYS or not. The program will incorporate Baroque performance practice, improvisation, theory and dance into ensemble playing. This one-of-a-kind program offers a comprehensive hands-on setting that brings the many aspects of Baroque performance practice to life! 
Both of our Summer Program classes incorporate:
  • Music theory as a tool in developing improvising skills
  • Learning how to turn numeric symbols into a choice of notes (continuo)
  • Adding patterns and ornaments to simple music to bring color to your performance

These classes are very similar to instruction in jazz music where students learn chord symbols, scales and patterns on which to improvise. Students will have access to Baroque bows and gut strings.

2014 Class Information
Chamber Strings, Patricia Kelly, Conductor
July 7-18, Monday-Friday
9:00am-3:30pm, $500 tuition
Strings only (violin, viola, cello, bass)
Level: Beginning/Intermediate
No audition required. Click here to register
About Chamber Strings
Students will begin the day with orchestra rehearsal, led by MYS conductor Patricia Kelly. In the afternoon, students will break out into smaller groups and explore Baroque performance practice, music history, improvisation, and dance.
Rehearsals are designed to develop ensemble skills, including:
  • Listening and counting together
  • Watching the conductor
  • Dynamic, phrasing, and interpretation
  • Sight-reading to build strong reading skills

An informal performance will be held the last day of class (Friday, July 18).

Class requirement: Level comparable to the middle of Suzuki (violin) book 2 up to book 5. Students should be able to play and read notes on all four strings with at least the first two finger patterns. Students must understand basic concepts such as dynamics, bowings (including slurred and hooked boys) and key signatures D, G, and C major, and be able to count and read rhythms. 
Advanced Chamber Music, Instructed by violinist Marc Levine, harpsichordist Tami Morse, harpsichord, cellist Tulio Rondon
July 7-18, Monday-Friday
9:00am-3:30pm, $500 tuition
Level: Late Intermediate/Advanced
No audition required. Class is comparable to the MYS Philharmonic, Repertory or Symphony orchestra levels. Click here to register
About Advanced Chamber Music
Explore a unique opportunity to perform chamber music side-by-side with professional musicians, Marc Levine, Tami Morse, and Tulio Rondon, while learning different aspects of Baroque music style and history. The class includes chamber ensemble coaching in the morning, followed by afternoon classes in Improvisation and Continuo.
Other Class Details:
Class Location: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 Snelling Ave. S., St. Paul, MN
Lunch: Students must bring a bag lunch every day. Refrigeration is available, if needed. Supervised lunch is from Noon-12:45pm. Students may not leave the building during program hours without adult supervision.
Payment Information: Your Summer Program registration is not confirmed until you have submitted payment. There is a 10% discount for families with multiple children enrolled in the program. To discuss payment options and scholarship opportunities, please call 651-699-5811.
Summer Program Tuition Assistance Program: MYS offers a tuition assistance program to ensure that all qualified students may participate in our programs. Students, parents and guardians may earn tuition credit in exchange for completing work assignments at MYS rehearsals, concerts, and other activities as required. Participation in this program is based on financial need, work experience, and the ability to meet assigned work.